The Rules

Universal Rules are rules that are enforced throughout the entire board and must be obeyed at all times by all users. Understanding (including all changes) these rules are the responsibility of the user alone. It might look like a lot, but most of it is common courtesy and common sense. They are subject to change at any time; each member is responsible for keeping up with any updates. Board-specific rules are in force in those sections of the forum. Where there is no board-specific rule covering an action, the Universal Rules are the default standard.
By using this message forum, you agree to these rules


1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.
2) No illegal content.
3) No harassment.
4) No flaming.
5) No trolling.
6) No spamming (advertising, bumping, and multi-posting included, see below).
7) No trick links/pranking
8) Staff may delete and lock messages at their discretion.
9) No posting unreleased or staff-only items.
10) Please be accurate.

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