1st Lord of Chaos Staff
13 Leaf Clover Axe de9to1.png


Abaddon's Orb Weaver Axe 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Abaddon's Terror 243rzme.png
Adventurer's Sword
Amethyst Claymore 24d1w12.png
Amethyst Rune Blade 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Ancient Platinum Blade 243rzme.png
Angel Axe of Light 243rzme.png
AQW Diploma de9to1.png
Aracara's Limb
Arachno Bow 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Arcana's Disciple 243rzme.png
Arcane Longbow 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Arm Blades Of Miltonius
Artix's ScribbleAxe de9to1.png
Avenged Hand de9to1.png
Axe Dagger
Axe of Hauberk 24d1w12.png
Axe of Indictment 243rzme.png
Axe of the Black Knight
Axe of the Prospector

Backbreaker 24d1w12.png
Balboa Club
Balor's Brutality
Balor's Cruelty 243rzme.png
Balrog Blade de9to1.png
Bamboo Rifle 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Barbarian Steel Blade 243rzme.png
Barbaric Blade of Darkness
Barbed Club
Barbed Horror
Basic Sai
Basic Wooden Stake
Battle Baton
Battleaxe of the Angaz 243rzme.png
Batwing Axe
BBQ Spatula de9to1.png
Beacon Staff
Bear Clawed Axe
Beast of Pirate's Bay Trident 243rzme.png
Bejeweled Blade
Best Scythe 2ag7yo8.png 243rzme.png
Betrayal Blade of Miltonius 243rzme.png 24d1w12.png
Big 100K
Big Daddy 243rzme.png
Big Wolf Slaying Axe
Black Star Caster Staff
Black Steel Tofana 243rzme.png
Black Valentine Sabre 10 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Blade of Affliction
Blade of aww.. man.. 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Blade of Balance 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Blade of Corruption
Blade of Destiny
Blade of Discord 243rzme.png
Blade of Half Awe-f 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Blade of Holy Might
Blade of Khopesh 24d1w12.png
Blade of Silent Might 243rzme.png
Blade of Thorns de9to1.png
Blade of Twilight
Blade of the Dead 243rzme.png
Blade of the Wicked
Blade of Vampire 243rzme.png
Bladed Blood Hawk Pom-Pom 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Bladed Equine Pom-Pom 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Bladed Grid Iron Death Pom-Pom 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Bladed Pom-Pom of the Avenged 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Blinding Light of Chaos 243rzme.png
Blister's Chainsaw 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Bloodriver 2ag7yo8.png
Bloodgroove 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Blood Hawk Hand of Success de9to1.png
Blunderbuss 243rzme.png
Blue Sneevil Chainsaw
Bo Staff
Bone Axe
Bone Cane 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Bone Knife 243rzme.png
Bone Mace
Bone Sword
Bone Trumpet de9to1.png
Bone Violin 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Booger Blade 243rzme.png
Box Guardian Blade
Brawler Dagger
Braken Bass
Brightskull of Retribution 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Broad Sword
Broad Werepyre Blade 243rzme.png
Broadsword Of The Chaoruppted Fang 243rzme.png
Broken Blade
Broken Dagger
Broom of Doom
Brutal Cricket Bat 243rzme.png
Brutal Dagger
Brutal Sword
Brutal Tofana 243rzme.png
Burning Dragon Mace 243rzme.png
Burn It Down
Butcher Knife de9to1.png


Cake Mace de9to1.png
Candy Cane 08 de9to1.png
Candy Cane 09 de9to1.png
Candy Cane (Cane) de9to1.png
Cane of Greed 08 de9to1.png
Cane of Greed 09 de9to1.png
Canidae Lance
Captain's Plasma Blade
Cardboard Sword de9to1.png
Cardboard Sword 10
Carpenter's Hammer
Cataclysm 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Celestial Staff 243rzme.png
Chainsaw 08 de9to1.png
Chainsaw 09 de9to1.png
Chainsaw Hand 09 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Champion Hydra Sword 243rzme.png
Champion Blade of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Chaorrupted Staff of the Twisted 243rzme.png
Chaos Dragonlord Axe
Chaos Mace
Chaos Shogun Sword
Chaos Widow Saber
Chaos Widow Staff
Chaotic Conqueror's Skull 243rzme.png
Chaotic Draconian Blade 243rzme.png
Chaotic Dragon Blade
Chaotic Dragon Club
Chaotic Hanzamune 243rzme.png
Chaotic Long Lycan Dagger 243rzme.png
Chaotic Short Sword
Chaotic Sumire Impaler 24d1w12.png
Chaotic Vampire Blade
Chaotic Warrior Mace
Cherry Bomb de9to1.png
Cherry Wood Cane de9to1.png
Cherrywood Tofana
Chinese Umbrella de9to1.png
Citizen's Kane 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Claw of Miltonius
Claw of the Shrew 243rzme.png
Climber's Ice Pick
Clover Staff of Fire 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Clover Staff of Fire 10 243rzme.png
Clover Staff of Gardens 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Clover Staff of Gardens 10 243rzme.png
Clover Staff of Ice 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Clover Staff of Ice 10 243rzme.png
Coal Mace 243rzme.png
Coal Staff
Cold Rune Edge
Colorful Deadly Fan 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Colorful Stenciled Fan 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Colt Revolver
Combat Soulreaper Of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Commander's Sword
Corpse Maker of Miltonius
Crescent Axe de9to1.png
Crescent Dagger
Confectioner's Slayer de9to1.png
Creep Blade
Creeper Arm 243rzme.png
Creeper Dagger 243rzme.png
Creeper Leg
Cricket Bat
Crimson Royal Hearts 10 de9to1.png
Crude Short Sword
Crude Twin Dagger de9to1.png
Cruel Axe of Midnight 243rzme.png
Cruel Chaos Widow Blade 243rzme.png
Cruel Chaos Widow Staff 243rzme.png
Cruel Claw of Blizzard 243rzme.png
Cruel Hydra Blade
Cruel Staff of the Fallen 243rzme.png
Crusader Sword 243rzme.png
Crystal Claymore
Cursed Bone Axe 243rzme.png
Cursed Bone Blade
Cursed Dragon Blade 243rzme.png
Cursed Dread Face Mace 243rzme.png
Cursed Fish 08 de9to1.png
Cursed Fish 09 de9to1.png
Cursed Guitar Of Skull Punch Island 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Curve Bladed Polearm
Curved Dagger
Cutlass de9to1.png
Cysero's Defender Dagger 243rzme.png
Cysero's Defender Staff 243rzme.png
Cysero's Defender Sword 243rzme.png

Dactyloscythe 24d1w12.png
Dagger of Serpents de9to1.png
Dagger of the Bat 09 de9to1.png
DaiTengu Blade of Wind 243rzme.png
Daoi-Sith Halberd 24d1w12.png
Dark Angel Axe of Shadow 243rzme.png
Dark Crystal Claymore
Dark Double Axe Blade 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Dark Draconian Sword 243rzme.png
Dark Rune Blade 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Dark Rune Sword 24d1w12.png
Deadhead Mallet
Deadly Axe of Chaos
Deadly Dragon Claw 243rzme.png
Deadly Fan de9to1.png
Deadly Hydra Staff 243rzme.png
Deadly Tower Blade 243rzme.png
Death Scythe of Miltonius
Decaying Blade of Agony 243rzme.png
Dellovibrio Rod
Default Dagger de9to1.png
Default Staff de9to1.png
Default Sword
Destiny Dragon Blade 24d1w12.png
Dexterous Blade of Cold 243rzme.png
Dexterous Blade
Diamond Ring Staff 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Disaster 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Divine Intervention 243rzme.png
Doom Scissors 243rzme.png
Double Bladed Axe 243rzme.png
Double Edged Unlucky Sword '09 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Dragon Blade 24d1w12.png
DragonBow 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Dragon Cannon 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Dragon Saw
Dragon Sword of Chaos 243rzme.png
Dragon's Defender
Dragonburst 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Dragonhead Archon 243rzme.png
Dragonlord's Loss
Dragonwings of Destiny 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Dragonwings of Destiny CC 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Drake's Scimitar 24d1w12.png
Dread Face Mace 24d1w12.png
Dread Staff 243rzme.png
Drow Sabre
Dual Blade of Slaying 243rzme.png
Dual Betrayal Blade Of Miltonius [[http://i40.tinypic.com/24d1w12.png]]
Dual Champion Blade of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Dual Dragonbone Axe Of Miltonius de9to1.png
Dual Manslayer Of Miltonius de9to1.png
Dual Primal Dread Saw Of Miltonius [[http://i40.tinypic.com/24d1w12.png]]
Dual Purified Claymore Of Destiny
Dual Scorpion Stingers de9to1.png
Dual Tainted Claymore Of Miltonius
Dual Wooden Hand Saws 10 243rzme.png
Dwakel Axe
Dwakel Caster's Staff
Dwakel Warrior Sword
Dwarven Baselard 243rzme.png
Dwarven Battle Axe 243rzme.png
Dwarven Peppergun 243rzme.png
Dwarven Throwing Axe


Earth Blade 10 243rzme.png
Eggstreme Egg Beater 09 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Eggstreme Egg Beater 10 24d1w12.png
Elegant Backstabber 243rzme.png
Elemental Rock Hammer
Enchanted Spirit 24d1w12.png
Executioner Axe of Bludrut 243rzme.png
Ex's Calibur 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Ex's Caliber 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png


Faerie Sai
Falconer's Bow 243rzme.png
Feather Duster 243rzme.png
Femur Sword
Fiend Sticker
Fiendish Blood Blade 243rzme.png
Fiendish Impaler
Fierced Grip Blade
Fiery Blade of Torment 24d1w12.png
Fire Blade 10 243rzme.png
Fire Staff
Fishman Trident
Fishy Guitar
Forest Axe
Frazier Fury
Frost Matriarch Sword 243rzme.png
Frost Scythe 243rzme.png
Frost Sword 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Frost Sword 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Frost Wyrm Blade
FrostByte 243rzme.png de9to1.png
FrostReaver 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
FrostReaver 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Frostus Rectar
FrostScythe's Cruelty 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
FrostScythe's Cruelty 09 243rzme.png
Frying Pan
Furious Naginata


Gargoyle Axe 09 de9to1.png
Geki Halberd 243rzme.png de9to1.png
General Porkon's Axe
Genesis Sword
Ghost Ship in a Bottle
Ghostly Staff 09 de9to1.png
Giant Lolly Pop
Giant Protector Blade
Giant Wooden Spoon 08 de9to1.png
Giant Wooden Spoon 09 de9to1.png
Gift Box (Weapon) de9to1.png
Ginger Mace 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Glacial Knuckle Sword 243rzme.png
Godly Mace of the Ancients 243rzme.png
Golden Cane 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Golden Centurion Sword de9to1.png
Golden Draconian Sword 243rzme.png
Golden Flintlock Pistol 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Golden Mace 24d1w12.png
Golden Phoenix Sword 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Golden Shadow Breaker
Golden Staff
Golden Starsword e836l0.png de9to1.png
Gold Lycan Skull Mace
Gold Lycan Skull Staff
Golem's Ice Sickle 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Golf Club 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Great Pumpkin King Staff de9to1.png
Great Pumpkin King Sword de9to1.png
Greater Creep Blade
Green GlowStick 243rzme.png
Green Spider Staff
Green Sneevil Chainsaw 243rzme.png
Gressil's Impurity 243rzme.png
Grim Elegance 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Grim's Shadow Scythe 243rzme.png
Grip Blade
Gripped Stake 243rzme.png
Grumble's Curse
Grumpy Golem Mace 243rzme.png
Grumpy Hammer
Grumpy Warhammer 243rzme.png
Grumble's Curse
Grundmir Master Dwarven Broadsword 243rzme.png
Grund Dwarven Broadsword 243rzme.png
Guandao of Slaying 243rzme.png
Guardian Blade
Guardian's Chainsaw 24d1w12.png de9to1.png


Half-Off Axe 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Half-Off Sword de9to1.png
Hammer of Drung
Hand of the Hoof de9to1.png
Hand of the Polearm
Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
Harm 'O Nee 243rzme.png
Harnessed Cat's Eye
Heart Breaker 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Heart Breaker 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Heart Sabre 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Heart Sabre 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Heart Surgeon 09 de9to1.png
Heart Surgeon 10 de9to1.png
Heavy Celtic Axe
Herding Cane de9to1.png
Hockey Stick de9to1.png
Holy Hammer of Retribution
Holy Hand Grenade
Holy Intention 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Hook Sword
Horatio's Staff
Horned Longsword243rzme.png
Horc Club
Horc Mangler 243rzme.png
Horns of the Undead Staff de9to1.png
Hunter's Dagger
Hunting Spear
Hydra Blade
Hydra Spear 243rzme.png
Hydra Staff
Hyphaxe 243rzme.png


Ice Orb
Ice Sabre 08 de9to1.png
Ice Sabre 09 de9to1.png
Ice Sickle de9to1.png
Imperial Kama
Imperial Naginata
Incandes Fulminatus
Infantry Blade
Infantry Pole Axe
Infernal Dark Blade of Cruelty 243rzme.png
Inquisitor Captain Claymore
Inquisitor Captain Short Polearm
Inquisitor Guard's Spear
Iron Draconian Sword
Iron Hammer
Iron Maple Leaf Axe
Iron Spear of Chaos 243rzme.png
Iron Spear
Iryerris 24d1w12.png
Ivy Blade de9to1.png


Jester's Folly 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Jester's Folly 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Juvania's disciple 243rzme.png


Kage 243rzme.png
Kappa Kama 243rzme.png
Kappa Sword
Karag Battleaxe
Katana of Cold 243rzme.png
Katana 243rzme.png
Key Ring 243rzme.png
Kikuzu Lance 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
King's Blade 243rzme.png
Koi Mace 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Krom's Brutality 243rzme.png
Krom's Conquest 243rzme.png
Kuro's Wrath


Laser Beam 243rzme.png
Legendary Magma Sword 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Legendary Sword of Dragon Control 243rzme.png
Lich Staff 243rzme.png
Light Prismatic Katana 243rzme.png
Liquid Hot Magma Axe
Little Hatchet
Long Lycan Dagger
Love At First Scythe 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Love at First Scythe 10 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Lovely Fan
Lucky Hammer
Lucky Sword de9to1.png
Lucky Sword 10
Lumberjack Axe 08 de9to1.png
Lumberjack Axe 09 de9to1.png
Lycan Compound Bow 24d1w12.png
Lycan Darkness Sabre
Lycan Runed Blade 24d1w12.png


Mace of Cold
Mace of the Fiend
Mace of the Grand Inquisitor
Machete de9to1.png
Mammoth Crusher Blade
Mana Crusher 243rzme.png
Mana Mallet
Mana Sabre
Maracas de9to1.png
Massive Horc Cleaver de9to1.png
Massive Werewolves Bane 243rzme.png
Maximillian's Whip de9to1.png
Meat Cleaver 08 de9to1.png
Meat Cleaver 09 de9to1.png
Meat on a Stick de9to1.png
Metal Sneevil Chainsaw 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Metallic Crescent Staff
Metrea's Disciple 243rzme.png
Misericorde de Nyx 09 243rzme.png
Moglow Wand 09 de9to1.png
Morning Star
Morose Spear 24d1w12.png
Mother's Day Bouquet de9to1.png
Mystic Pencil of Endless Scribbles de9to1.png


Natural Daggers 10de9to1.png
Necromancer Staff of Bloodthirst 243rzme.png
Necrotic Blade of Chaos 243rzme.png
Nekoyasha Blade 24d1w12.png
Neophyte Shadowslayer Blade 243rzme.png
Nightmare Blade 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Nightmare Mace 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Ninja Sword 243rzme.png
Noble Blade 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Northlands Fishing Spear 24d1w12.png
Northlands Hunting Spear
NOTruto Chakram 24d1w12.png
Nuclei Nebula Staff


O-dokuro Blade
O-dokuro Glaive 243rzme.png
O-dokuro Staff 243rzme.png
Obsidian Sword 243rzme.png
Odanata Weapon 243rzme.png
Old Moon 243rzme.png
Orc Grunt Axe
Orc War Sword
Orc's Axe de9to1.png


Party Slasher Birthday Sword 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Peace Bringer Sword 243rzme.png
Peace Terminating Rifle 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Peppermint Lollipop 08 de9to1.png
Peppermint Lollipop 09 de9to1.png
Phoenix Blade 243rzme.png
Phoenix Blade of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Phoenix Temper And Revenge 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Pink Grumpy Fish 08 de9to1.png
Pink Grumpy Fish 09 de9to1.png
Piston-Driven Chopper 243rzme.png
Piston-Driven Polearm
Plague Strike Scythe
Plaque Destroyer 09 de9to1.png
Platinum Axe of Destiny 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Platinum Broad Axe
Platinum Broad Sword 243rzme.png
Platinum Mace
Plum's Cane 243rzme.png
Plundered Tarnished Rapier 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Potion Gun 243rzme.png
Potion Staff
Potion Wand
Precise Talisman of the Ranger 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Precision Tachi Of The Remarkable 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Prestigious Tanking Roundhead 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Primal Dread Fang 243rzme.png
Primal Dread Saw of Miltonius 24d1w12.png
Primitive Stonehead Spear
Prismatic Long Lycan Dagger 243rzme.png
Prized Tomahawk of the Revered 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Pulsing Coal Staff 243rzme.png
Pulsing Golden Staff 243rzme.png
Pumpkin Axe of Slaying 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Pumpkin Lance of Piercing 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Pumpkin Leaf Sword 09 de9to1.png
Pumpkin Sword 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Purified Claymore of Destiny
Purple Slime Staff



RazorBack Skull Blade de9to1.png
Really Large Chopsticks 243rzme.png
Red Double Axe Blade de9to1.png
Red Eye Staff de9to1.png
Red GlowStick 243rzme.png
Red Pitchfork 08 de9to1.png
Red Pitchfork 09 de9to1.png
Red Star Sword 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Ringed Sword 243rzme.png
Rixty Ripper 2ag7yo8.png
Retribution Of The Fallen 243rzme.png
Rocket on a Stick 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Rocky Club
Rolith's Hammer 24d1w12.png
Rooted Axe 10
Rose Petal Scepter 243rzme.png
Rose Thorn Blade de9to1.png
Royal Blade of Thorns 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Royal Rune Blade 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Royal Scepter
Rune Sword 24d1w12.png
Rune Sword of the Darkness 243rzme.png
Rusted Sword
Rusty Pipe 08 de9to1.png
Rusty Pipe 09 de9to1.png


Safiria's Temper 243rzme.png
Samurai Katana
Sanguine Blade 243rzme.png
Santa Claw's Ripper 08 de9to1.png
Santa Claw's Ripper 09 de9to1.png
Santa's Impaler 08 de9to1.png
Santa's Impaler 09 de9to1.png
Scepter of Ithil 243rzme.png
Scepter of the Divine
Scorpion Claw 243rzme.pngde9to1.png
Scorpion Spear 243rzme.pngde9to1.png
Scythe of the Garnet 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Seal of the Seal 24d1w12.png
Searing Mace
Sepulchure's Undead Blade 24d1w12.png
Serpent Claw
Shadow Ninja Blade
Shadow Serpent Scythe
Shadow Slayer Sword 243rzme.png
Shadow Terror Axe
Shadow Z Sword 243rzme.png
Shadowscythe Chainsaw 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Shadowscythe Gouger
Shark Sabre
Shattered Legendary Sword of Dragon Control 243rzme.png
Sheathed Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade 243rzme.png
Shiden Bardiche 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Shinobi Katana de9to1.png
Silver Lycan Skull Mace 24d1w12.png
Silver Ripper
Silver Throwing Knife
Simple Celtic Dagger 243rzme.png
Simple Poleaxe
Sinbad's Sword 243rzme.png
Sinister Leech Blade of Miltonius
Sinister Staff of Mana Leach
Sister Ancient Platinum Blade
Skeleton Hand
Skull Cane 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Skullwraith 2ag7yo8.png
Skyscorcher de9to1.png
Sleek Katana
SleuthHound Blade 243rzme.png
Slimey Staff
Sludge Sword
Snee-Vo's Mallet
Soul Scythe
Soul Ripper 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Soul Terror Sword 243rzme.png
SoulBiter 243rzme.png
Sparkler de9to1.png
Spiked Pigskin 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Spiked Pigskin 10 de9to1.png
Spine Gripper
Spine Spear 09 de9to1.png
Sprite's Twig
Staff of Casting
Staff of Imp Fire
Staff of Inversion 243rzme.png
Staff of Malachite
Staff of Pestilence
Staff of Soul Weaving
Staff of the Burning Abyss 243rzme.png
Staff of the Fallen
Staff of the Snowflake
Staff of the Twisted
Staked Steak
Star Caster Staff
StarGuitar 243rzme.png
Star Slasher 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Star Sword de9to1.png
Starsword Breaker 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Steel Chopper de9to1.png
Steel Hand of Victory de9to1.png
Stenciled Fan de9to1.png
Sterling Silver Crossbow
Sterling Silver Longbow
Sterling Silver Shotgun
Stinging Dagger of Serpents 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Stirring Spoon
Stone Hammer
Straight Edge
Sun Sabre
Superior Guard Spear 243rzme.png
Supreme Dragon Hammer 243rzme.png
Supreme Dragon Scythe 24d1w12.png
Sweeping Broom
Sword Fish 08 de9to1.png
Sword Fish 09 de9to1.png
Sword in the Stone
Sword of Caledonia
Sword of Rainbows 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Sword of Rainbows 10 243rzme.png
Sword of the Bat 09 de9to1.png
Sword of the Northlands 243rzme.png
Sword of the Vindicator 243rzme.png
Sword of Swordlyness de9to1.png
Sword out of the Stone 243rzme.png
Sword-shaped Present 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Swordhaven Axe


Tainted Claymore
Taro's Manslayer 243rzme.png
Tree Root Staff 10
Trident of Storms
Thag War Hammer 243rzme.png
The Hardy Dagger
The Blade of Apparition 24d1w12.png
The Frost Axe 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
The Frost Axe 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
The Golden Roller 243rzme.png
The Underscore 243rzme.png
Thok's Disciple 243rzme.png
Three Leaf Clover
Tiger Cannon de9to1.png
Titanio's Sword 24d1w12.png
Titanium Wolf Claw vfh928.jpg
Toothbrush 09 de9to1.png
Toothy Staff 09 de9to1.png
Toy Maker Wrench 08 de9to1.png
Toy Maker Wrench 09 de9to1.png
Transforming Spear of the Berzerker Bunny 09 de9to1.png
Tree Stump
Treeant Log
Tri-gun 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Trident of Storms
Turdraken Leg 08 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Turdraken Leg 09 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Turkey Baster 08 de9to1.png
Turkey Baster 09 de9to1.png
Turkey Leg 08 de9to1.png
Turkey Leg 09 de9to1.png
Twilly's Twig
Twilight Moon Scythe 24d1w12.png
Twin Impaler 24d1w12.png
Twistedtooth's Chaotic Claw 243rzme.png
Twistedtooth's Claw 243rzme.png
Two Handed Axe
Tyrant Blade


Ugly Stick
Unarmed 243rzme.png
Undead Plague Spear
Undead Pirate Guitar
Undead Pirate's Cutlass
Undead Skull Polearm de9to1.png
Unholy Reaper of Miltonius 243rzme.png
Unholy Terror Mace 243rzme.png
Unidentified (Bee Sting Dagger)
Unidentified (Bone Walking Cane)
Unidentified (Duck on a Stick)
Unidentified (Dragon Bone Hammer)
Unidentified (Emblem Mace)
Unidentified (Godly Golden Dragon Axe) 243rzme.png
Unidentified (Iron Plate Hammer)
Unidentified (Parasitic Hacker)
Unidentified (Platinum Twin Blade)
Unidentified (Rounded Stone Hammer)
Unidentified (Small Hammer)
Unidentified (Star Dagger)
Unidentified (Trig Buster) 243rzme.png
Unidentified (Worn Axe)
Unlucky Staff '09 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Unlucky Sword '09 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Upslash Sword 243rzme.png


Vaccine Needle 243rzme.png
Vampiric Ceremonial Dagger
Vampiric Gladius
Vampiric Longbow 24d1w12.png
Vampiric Nightshade 243rzme.png
Vampwing 24d1w12.png
Venom Draconian Sword
Venom Head of Chaos 243rzme.png
Venom Head
Vesper Bat Blade
Violet Glowstick 243rzme.png
Violet Sphere 243rzme.png
Void Vessel 24d1w12.png
Voltaire's Guitar de9to1.png
Voltaire's Rapier 243rzme.png
Vorpal Sword 24d1w12.png


WarpForce Black Beamsword 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
WarpForce Blue Beamsword 243rzme.png de9to1.png
WarpForce Green Beamsword 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
WarpForce Heavy Gun 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
WarpForce Red Beamsword 243rzme.png de9to1.png
WarpForce War Shovel 20k 243rzme.png de9to1.png
WarpForce Yellow Beamsword 24d1w12.png de9to1.png
Warrior Claymore Blade
Wasabi Root Blade 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Water Blade 10 243rzme.png
Water Draconian Sword
Wave Cutter
Wedding Bouquet de9to1.png
Wedding Candle de9to1.png
Werewolves Bane
Whack O' Mallet
White Tiger Cannon 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Whoopie Cushion de9to1.png
Wind Blade 10 243rzme.png
Winterror 24d1w12.png
Wisteria's Claw
Wisteria's Reach
Witch's Broomstick
Wizard's Hydra Staff 243rzme.png
Wizard's Staff
WolfClaw Hammer
Wolf Warrior Blade
Wooden Cane de9to1.png
Wooden Chainsaw 10
Wooden Crescent Staff
Wooden Mallet
Wooden Saw 10 243rzme.png
Wooden Stake 08 de9to1.png
Wooden Stake 09 de9to1.png
Wrapping Paper Sword 243rzme.png de9to1.png
Wrath of Sciurus
Wreath of Wrath



Yara's Sword
Yellow Eye Staff de9to1.png
Yellow GlowStick
Yokai Lute 243rzme.png
Yokai Umbrella 243rzme.png
Yulgar's Berry Mug de9to1.png
Yurei Ladle


Zardman's StoneHammer

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